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Home Threading

When it comes to getting your brows surprises are rarely welcome!

Brows will always look their most beautiful and help balance all facial features if they follow their natural shape.

To thread or wax? How do you decide?

At unique we thread  and wax eyebrows. We want to let out clients have a preference. Our experts feel that threading is a method of hair removal that remove stray hair and shape your eyebrows with precision, also add definition and leave a smooth finish that no other method of hair removal can achieve.
At unique we only use Organic thread.

Why  thread?

  • Threading slows down hair growth.
  • Reduces hair thickness and density so that hair grows back finer.
  • Removes hair follicle from the root.
  • Safest method of hair removal
  • Non invasive
  • Safer hair removal method than waxing for the face.


If you wish to book an appointment at Unique.
Eyebrows ( 10th service is always on us!) $10
Upper Lip $5
Lower Lip $5
Chin $6
Chin/ Lower Chin Combo $11
Neck $10
Cheeks $8
Forehead $6
Sideburns $10
Face ( excludes brow ) $25
Face with neck ( excludes brows $35
Eyebrow Thread / Tinting ( 10th service is on us ) $25
Organic Henna brow Tint / Threading ( 10th service is on us) $35


If you wish to book an appointment at Unique.
Eyebrows $12
Upper Lip $6
Lower Lip $5
Chin $7
Lower Chin $7
Neck $12
Sides $12
Nose Hard Wax Only $12
Full Face / No Brows $25
Full Face / Neck / No Brows $30
Eyebrow Tinting With Brows $27

Cleanliness is our priority! We never Double dip! We strictly use nitrile/ vinyl gloves to prevent any latex allergies. All rooms/beds/equipment are cleaned and sanitized with commercial-grade disinfectant thoroughly before each client.

Safety Pre-Cautions-

All staff is wearing 5 layer masks, Staff is wearing NEW gloves during threading service Chairs and all equipment are sanitized before each client. Our threading technique is done with thread looped around our neck to prioritize client and staff safety.