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Home Sugaring

We Are Georgia’s First And Only Salon To Offer Sugar Gel Hair Removal. It Is A Form Of Hair Removal That Resembles Waxing But Is Actually Much Gentler And Less Painful To Endure And Requires A Higher Level Of Technical Skill To Perform.

Sugaring Is Completely “All Natural”, “Homemade”, And “Hypo-Allergic”. It Consists Of Sugar, Water And Lemon Juice Which Justifies The Term ALL NATURAL. Unique Suger Gel Treatments Are Available For All Areas Of The Body And The Face. Sugar Gel Is Ideal For Brazilian And Bikini Waxing Because Of Its Gentleness Compared To Other Forms Of Hair Removal. Unique Suger Gel Is Better Than Waxing.

Waxing Tends To Burn, Peel, And Irritate The Skin, Especially The Skin Around The Eyebrows. Repeated Waxing Increases The Chances Of Wrinkles, Especially Around The Sensitive Eye Area. Tweezing And Razors Increase The Chances Of Ingrown Hairs And Cutting The Skin. Your Hair Need Be Only 1/8th Of An Inch For You To Go For Sugaring. More Effective If Your Hair Is Fine And Not Very Thick. The Time Period That Elapses Between One Hair Removal Procedure And The Next Is Longer.
Sensitivity And Pain
Sugaring Gel Is Done At Body Temperature And Can Be Used On Even The Most Sensitive Skin; Many Find It To Be Noticeably Less Painful Than Waxing. Oh, How Sweet It Is – Since Sugaring Gel Adheres To Your Hair And Sticks Less To Your Skin, You Can Achieve Optimal Results With Minimal Irritation, While Still Removing The Hair From The Root.
Sweet Fact About Sugaring
The Unique Sugar Gel Is All-Natural, Consisting Of Only Sugar, Lemon Juice, And Water. It Looks Like Honey! (Natural Ingredients Mean Natural Reactions, Which For Most Is No Reaction At All!)


Brazilian $45
Bikini $35
Full Legs $85
Half Legs $45
Full Arms $55
Half Arms $35
Underarms $16
Stomach $30
Back $50
Butt Cheeks $30
Upper Chest $30

Cleanliness is our priority! We never Double dip! We strictly use nitrile/ vinyl gloves to prevent any latex allergies. All rooms/beds/equipment are cleaned and sanitized with commercial-grade disinfectant thoroughly before each client.

Safety Pre-Cautions-

All staff is wearing 5 layer masks, Staff is wearing NEW gloves during threading service Chairs and all equipment are sanitized before each client. Our threading technique is done with thread looped around our neck to prioritize client and staff safety.